Grand Falls Casino and Resort

grand falls casino and resort

Grand Falls Casino and Resort

“Grand Falls Casino and Resort.” says the online advertisement for this Sioux Falls attraction. “There’s nothing more fun than playing in this natural playground. Located near Ellensburg, North Dakota, the Grand Circle Line Sightseeing Train departs daily from the North Dakota/ Dakota State Capitol, and the circular line covers some 1,100 miles of scenic railroad tracks.”

A trip to North Dakota wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Grand Falls Casino and Resort. The North Dakota/Dakota State Capitol is only a few blocks away. “You’ve probably noticed the massive ‘Lion’s Eye’ reflecting the sky in the historic town of Ellensburg, where the state capitol is located,” says Grand Falls Casinos spokesman Don Griffith. “It’s such an amazing sight!” This casino is one of the few in North Dakota to use original Indian carvings in its restaurants and banquet halls.

The Grand Circle Line Sightseeing Train is a wonderful way to get around the large area surrounding the casino. The circular looping tracks are reminiscent of early European train tracks, designed to take visitors around the unique landscape of Grand Falls. “The circular track is two feet wide and about eight feet long, passing through a tunnel where the two curved tracks meet,” says Griffith. “We also have an amazing observation platform in the ceiling of each restaurant, where you can look straight down on the magnificent Grand Falls from the dining room windows.”

At the Grand Falls Casino and Resort, guests will enjoy special casino games, live music, Indian dancing, barbecues, games, meals, poker, craps, and even horseback riding. All of these amenities make this the ultimate place to play hard-to-beat luck with. Plus, there are five fantastic restaurants to enjoy every meal at the Grand Falls. All of them feature award-winning chefs.

While in Grand Falls on your vacation, you may want to check out the North Dakota State Fair, featuring thousands of booths selling everything from hot dogs to fireworks. The fair also includes the oldest running free show in the world, as well as many live musical acts. The Grand Strand Entertainment Complex also offers an indoor amusement park for your enjoyment. Plus, the fair includes a free movie screening during the evening.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do and see in Grand Falls, North Dakota. The Grand Strand Casino and Resort are sure to provide you with many wonderful opportunities. But if gambling is not your idea of fun, don’t worry, because the casino does offer a free casino gambling package.