Directions to Grand Falls Casino

Grand Hotel Casinos is one of the best Grand Canyon vacations in a single resort. This stunning establishment not only offers remarkable luxury and service, but it also provides superb hospitality to its guests. To access Grand Hotel Casinos, guests should start their expedition by beginning their lodging journey in the hotel’s parking lot. Once here, they will have to drive toward their room via the Grand Hotel Casino.

Though, to access Grand Hotel Casino, you should enter from the underground parking lot on the east side of the hotel. You’ll find the grand casino lobby in this parking lot and enter the casino from here. This lobby has a huge ceiling decorated with chandeliers and you can feel the thrilling vibe and atmosphere within it. It is fun to explore this lobby which is equipped with casino seating area, video poker machines, and table games.

The casino hall is located on the second floor of the hotel and is also a must visit for you. Here, you can find many exclusive gambling tables where you can bet or play for winnings. These gambling tables are being owned by the casino and they serve as a centerpiece for most of the casino activities. Guests should not miss visiting this casino hall because you will get mesmerized by the stunning sight of them.

While exploring the hotel, you should check out the room amenities available. Rooms at Grand Hotel Casinos are fully equipped with latest technology and modern conveniences. All suites are well-lit from inside the room and furnishings include LCD televisions, plush fabrics, hardwood floors, air conditioning units, and comfy sofas for relaxation. Also, the rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi facility so that you can stay connected even while enjoying the grandeur of the casino hall.

Room amenities are such that guests can carry on with their work throughout the day without getting distracted. Some of the luxurious suites in the hotel feature jetted tubs for relaxing and soothing your senses during your stay in this luxurious room. Rooms also include mini-refrigerators with separate compartments for serving food, making coffee, and serving drinks. There are also several free Wi-Fi access points provided inside the room to ensure that your work gets done without the need to get out of your room. Other than these complimentary features, all the rooms are equipped with a modern television with high definition service that will keep you busy with quality entertainment for an entire day.

You will find a wide range of rooms in this hotel from two-bedroom to five-bedroom suites. Most of the rooms feature king-sized beds that fold flat when not in use and its floor to ceiling windows providing an excellent view of the surrounding scenery. Each room in the hotel is equipped with its own balcony that provides a wonderful and breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon valley.

For those who have a sweet tooth, there are plenty of restaurants at Grand Hotel Casinos to satisfy your craving. Though, to access the restaurants, you should start your trip from the Grand Hotel Casino lobby. For guests who don’t have much time to dine out, there are a number of cuisines that you can sample such as Mexican, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and more.

Grand Hotel Casinos will be the best place to start your holiday adventure since it offers a number of packages to suit the needs of everyone. Guests will be offered with packages that include transportation, accommodation, lodging, activities, meals, and shopping. By going for packages, you will have a chance to save money on food and activities.