Grand Falls Casino Hotel Rates

“Grand Falls Casino Hotel is like no other destination on the mid-west. The resort, only minutes away from Sioux Falls, is filled with exciting gambling, great restaurants, five-star hotel rooms, excellent live entertainment, relaxing spa, two workout pools, tons of free entertainment, and so much more.” Hotels in Grand Falls include the Royal Gorge Hotel […]

Grand Falls Casino Spa

“Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort®, are unlike any other destination in the mid-west region. The resort, only minutes from Sioux Falls, is filled with thrilling gaming, five restaurants, elegant hotel accommodations, top notch live entertainment, a relaxing pool, a few shops, and so much more.” Grand Falls Casinos and Gardens are very popular for […]

Things to Do in Sioux Falls – Grand Falls

“Grand Falls Casino & Golf ResortTM are like no other vacation destination in the area. The hotel, just minutes away from Sioux Falls, is full of action, exciting gaming, fine restaurants, luxurious guestrooms, excellent live entertainment, a fantastic spa, an indoor basketball court, and so much more. The all-inclusive packages are unbeatable for any budget. […]